Dear AITECE teachers,



I hope you have managed to keep well over the last few months. The covid virus has continued to influence the lives of all of us as it continued into the holiday period. It meant that, while you were on holidays, you had little opportunity to travel. I trust you will be able to enjoy the next few months, whether you are in China, or preparing to return there, or are teaching from home. I’m sure it will require some adjustments in the lives of those who are returning to China. Please let us know if you have returned or are planning to return to China. 

Four teachers have finished their contracts and will not be returning at this time. These are Marjorie Baldenweck, Ruairi Somers, and Philip Bell, who were teaching for the last number of years in Hubei University. John Glasheen, who has been teaching in Guizhou province and Chongqing for the last fifteen years has also returned home. I would like to thank them all for the wonderful contribution they have made to the education of young people in China.

I must sadly report that two former teachers have died in recent months. Cecily Gaudry who taught in SISU from 1994-1995 died in July very shortly after her sister. The two sisters were buried together. In addition to teaching, Cecily had also been an active member of the Australian AITECE Committee.

Gerry Rice, who also taught in SISU from 1994-1995 died in Ireland on August 22. May God grant them all eternal rest.

I would like to thank the former teachers who have been in touch with us since our last Newsletter.

We have a re-designed website which includes a Teachers’ Corner. It is a means for teachers to keep in contact with us and with each other and to let us know how their lives as teachers are going along. The

User name for the corner is: aitece, and the login code is: AIU2D3. The maximum length of an item is 2000kb.

My term as AITECE manager has come to an end and I will resign on November 23. I would like to thank our secretary, Rita, for her faithful and dedicated work for AITECE of which she has been secretary for the last twenty years. I would like to thank all the teachers whom I have visited in China for the last six years for their courtesy and hospitality during my visits. I would like to thank the AITECE Coordinators in various countries for their work of promoting AITECE and sending us teachers. AITECE depends totally on them. I would like to thank also, the members, present and past, of our Board of Directors.

I am delighted to tell you that Tommy Murphy will become General Manager on November 23 this year. Many of you are familiar with Tommy who has been in touch with China for a long time and has been living there in recent years. I wish him much happiness in this new assignment.

Wishing you all a successful new term,