Aitece Newsletter March 2023

Dear Aitece Teachers, National Coordinators, Board Members and Friends of Aitece,

Greetings to you all from a balmy Hong Kong as we welcome in the season of Spring with its warmer days, cool evenings and the myriad colors of creation as nature awakes from its winter slumber. It is a nice time of the year in Hong Kong as we say good-bye to the damp coldish winter and brace ourselves for the heat of summer.

The passing of Tommy Murphy, after a long period of illness, in early January this year, touched our hearts with great sadness and sorrow. As we mourn his loss we are comforted in knowing that he now enjoys the peace and joy of his eternal life in God. We thank Tommy for his years of dedicated service to Aitece as General Manager and to the people of China over many years. May he rest in peace.

I took up my role as the new General Manager of Aitece in early March. I am very grateful to Ellen Mak (Aitece secretary) for her warm welcome to the Aitece office in Hong Kong and for helping me as I transition into my new role.

Over the past almost 15 years I have been blessed to meet many Aitece teachers both in China and Hong Kong, as well as former Aitece teachers in my home country of Australia and others. A heartfelt thankyou to all our present and former teachers for your commitment to your students in the various universities across China and your ongoing commitment and support of Aitece. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who continues to contribute to the mission and vision of Aitece in many different ways – to our National Coordinators, Board Members and Friends of Aitece. We hope the Year of the Rabbit has begun well for you all.

The past three years has been difficult for everyone across the globe and in particular for the most vulnerable and poorest in our world. It has been very challenging for all Aitece teachers and their students. At present there are six teachers teaching in-person in China and five teachers who continue to teach online from outside China. In all we have 11 Aitece teachers teaching in seven universities across China. Furthermore, there are four former Aitece teachers who are considering a return to China. This year Lilia Fe Taguba and Bernadette Nuqu, both from the Philippines, celebrate their twentieth year as Aitece teachers. We congratulate them and thank them for their commitment and dedication to their students.

As of 15 March China is now welcoming tourists. This is very good news. From here in Hong Kong we wish you all a blessed and happy Easter.

With kind regards
Kevin O’Neill and Ellen Mak.